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Rangers are a powerful fighting class. They are warriors in tune with nature and as such have developed many powerful skills to survive with nature. A ranger remorts into a Guardian. Rangers get natural resistances to all elements, and they get a damage bonus to Animals and Beasts, plus a swing damage bonus when not fighting in a civilized zone (mountains, forests, etc). Rangers are also immune to the entangle spell, having a natural freedom of movement in the forest and woods.

Special Note

Rangers are a hybrid class and as such they aren't particularly strong at any one area. However, their combination of skills can be particularly useful, even vital in some cases. Carrying multiple sets of equipment, a ranger can transfer from a tank, to an elemental-tank, to a damage dealer. It is also a more advanced class and recommended for experienced players.


bandage Lvl 1 - This is an essential skill for getting back health at any level if you don't feel like waiting for a tick or have a healer at hand. Just need to train it and have a bandage in your inventory when you type 'bandage'.

bearclaw Lvl 1 - A great preemptive strike, but can only be used before battle and it has a 3 round lag after. Must have a weapon in your dominant hand to even attempt it. You can only use slashing and claw type weapons for bearclaw if they're in your offhand.

call lightning Lvl 15 ranger, Level 10 guardian.- This spell can only be cast when it's raining or worse and only outside. This is a great spell to use at lower levels before moonbeam is available.

charm animal - Lvl 65 - This spell will allow you to charm any type of animal mob, up to a certain hp limit. You can order them to do things with the order command.

crippling hit - Lvl 70 How well trained you are in it affects how often it'll happen in battle.

disarm - This handy skill will make your enemy remove his weapon and it will be placed in their inventory if successful. Use it whenever possible, as it'll lower damage done to you and your party. You get this skill at level 9 with a Ranger and level 7 with a Guardian. Also, how well practiced you are in this skill and your opponent level compared to yours, along with your strength and dexterity determine how often it'll work.

divine - When this skill is used on an empty container, a certain amount of water's put into it. Great for when you don't stop in town that often. This skill is gained at level 10 as a Ranger and start out with it as a Guardian.

double - This passive skill is learned at level 12 as a Ranger and 5 as a Guardian. It'll let you get an extra attack chance a round.

dual wield - While dual wielding, your shield is rendered useless. For a Rangers/Guadians, dual wield to work they must wield a slashing or claw type weapon in their non-dominant hand. Rangers get this passive skill at 15, and Guardians at 10.

duck - How often this skill happens is determined by difference in opponent levels, dexterity and how much training you've put into the skill. It's gained at level 15 as a ranger, and 10 as a Guardian.

earthquake - This offensive spell damages all enemies in the room, causing earth damage. A great way to level quickly at lower levels if there's not too many enemies in the room. Gained at level 12 as a Ranger and 8 as a Guardian.

elbow -

elemental forces - This spell adds +2 to your hitroll for your level/5 and it's gained at level 45 as a Ranger and 40 as a Guardian.

endurance - When this spell's in effect, you won't get hungry or thirsty. You must be full or free of hunger and thirst in order for this spell to work.

float - This lesser version of fly helps for going over water or saving some movement points, although if you have access to fly you should use that instead as there's less movement point cost for moving. You get this spell at level 22 as a Ranger and 18 as a Guardian.

forage - When this skill is used, you'll get free berries to eat at the cost of 15 movement points. Get this skill at level 10 as a Ranger and start out with it as a Guardian.

kick -

kiet -

knee -

mend -

moonbeam -

mudslide -

nature aid -

rejuvenescence -

resist terra -

scan - At level 17 as a Ranger, and 9 as a Guardian you get an upgraded version of scan. You can see what's up to 3 rooms away if nothing's blocking your view, such as mobs or a door.

sense creature - As the name of this spell implies, it'll allow you to sense what type mob you're dealing with. Rangers at level 15, and Guardians at level 10 get this spell.

strength - This spell imbues the target of the spell with extra strength for a duration of time. Great for countering certain strength loss spells or plague. As the caster goes up in levels, more points will be added on up to +6 points of strength at hero.

tailor -

track -

triple -

water breathe -

waterwalk -

Level Guide

Level 1-5

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